........The wise answer for the busy Chef.

From our origins in 1998 Chefwise has grown from those small vibrant shoots of new ideas and determination to provide quality culinary tools for the busy kitchen. Now Chefwise products are available in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean from our warehouse and office in Miami, Florida and from our warehouse and office in Manchester, UK, we supply a range of Chefwise products to Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The Chefwise product lines have increased due to customer demand and current trends, also by having like minded partners in similar culinary businesses we are able to have other products that complement each other for the mutual benefit of our customers.

Contemporary food operations require modern thinking and new methods of meeting changing culinary demands. Where a top chef would have frowned at using prepared sauce bases and desserts, today’s innovators know well made products can help them exercise their creative know-how when it’s needed most, while giving the busy operator more time to explore a larger range of options.

Chefwise would like to introduce the “Chef Quality” dehydrated preparations to the food service industry. Chefwise products range from flavourful sauce bases, fragrant bouillon, stocks, and seasonings with authentic flavours all just waiting for your signature touch. Earning special acclaim is the fantastic Chefwise ’no baking’ Crème Brûlée.
Rest assured, our experiences in the kitchen have made the Chefwise collection of food preparations unique: Each is consistently fresh and authentically flavoured, imparting a natural fragrance and designed to meet modern cooking methods. Special emphasis is placed on offering nutritional-balanced, Gluten Free and MSG free items that sacrifice none of the flavour top chef’s demand today.